“State Bicycle Co. and the Curation and Exploration of Content Creation”

Right when I started to get into social media (not just “using” it, but leveraging it professionally), I have admired State Bicycle and their innovative approach to social media.


For a large company in a competitive market, quality social content is critical. All of their photos are either professional shots or images lovingly crowdsourced from their loyal fan base.

Photo courtesy of State Bicycle Instagram

Their interview series, Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros. features two or more psychopaths who ride their fixed gear bikes up a huge mountain— all while having an in-depth conversation. Now that certainly isn’t the kind of content you get from a team who’s half-assing it on the content creation front (It even makes Hot Ones look easy). And a huge bonus to potential viewers: the video, audio, and editing is all somehow beautifully done. Seriously. It gets better with each episode.

Photo courtesy of SB Instagram


State Bicycle Co. has curated some wonderful community content on their branded hashtag #ExploreYourState. The hashtag has over 45k image uploads! By leveraging the right audience to build a strong community, State Bike has lined up an endless supply of social media content that aligns with their brand values while also frequently engaging with likes and comments on photos that include their hashtag. It’s a community building win-win.

Speaking of community— People love being reposted! State Bike leans into this with constant Instagram stories of their riders and frequent fan reposts to their feed. With hashtags and community reposts, State Bike has successfully gotten their fan base wanting to share their photos of their bike rides in hopes of being featured as part of the larger community.

Added Value

State Bike goes above and beyond to bring value to their customers through social media. By responding to questions and comments in their DMs and the comment section, the make their online community feel valued and understood. Additionally, State Bike brilliantly hosts warehouse sales in their DMs! Yes, you read that correctly. A few times a year, they auction off a collection of bikes, engaging their social media audience and priming them to keep an eye out for new and exciting happenings on their social feeds.

Overall State Bike does a great job not just selling their products on social media, they are being social, and the people (their followers) respect that.