Event Photography

Phoenix Diners Collective 

Tyka Chheng and Robert Weyers are a couple of young guys doing their best to shine a light on the young food and beverage scene with their pop-up dinners. They are also close friends of mine, so when they asked if I could capture their 7 Chefs 7 Bartenders series … I said of course.

When capturing the moments at a dinner like this, I am strongly against using any artificial lighting of any kind. The people are there to enjoy the dinner, not a photo shoot. It’s my main goal to be behind the scenes and not be noticed.
The dinner was highlighting 7 chefs and 7 bartenders, so photography should also highlight that talent. When it comes to photographing chefs and bartenders, I think it is wise to let them be them, not provide any direction or ask for anything from them. They are getting their ass kicked … again they are there for dinner, not a photoshoot.
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